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Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice designed to develop our full potential on all levels of our being. On a physical level, yoga works to increase strength, balance and flexibility, to reduce stress and tension in the body and to keep our nervous, hormonal, digestive and cardiovascular systems healthy. We practice physical postures and link this to breathing in order to still the random chatter of the mind and explore our own internal landscape.  Yoga trains the mind to become quiet and wakeful so that we can develop greater awareness of our thoughts and actions and be more present in the current moment.  Yoga also transforms our energy by removing the obstructions to healthy, balanced energy flow: it clears the subtle body of blockages created by negative thoughts or emotions, limiting belief patterns and traumatic experiences. All these dimensions of yoga create a greater overall sense of harmony, inner peace, freedom and wholeness; thus opening the door to our deeper Self and purpose. Ultimately, the practice holds the potential to take us on a journey inside to the very essence of our being and the deepest source of our existence.
A daily opportunity to connect with yourself Yoga in Hout Bay
Introductory Offer :  R100 for 5 classes over 2 weeks Drop-in  - R70  5-class card  - R300 10-class card  - R500 20-class card  - R790
Monday            9am - 10.30am            6pm - 7.15pm   Tuesday           9am - 10.30am            7pm- 8:30pm                                                              Bodhichitta Group                                                                                     contact Karen DeVos 084 760 4630                              Wednesday        9am - 10.30am             5.30pm - 7.00pm  Thursday         9am - 10.30am             6.00pm - 7.15pm    Friday               9am - 10.30am --- ---                                 
            Yoga Classes are held daily at the Buddist Centre  at the IY turning circle, corner Victoria Avenue and Main Rd.
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