Yoga Bags made in Hout Bay 
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Yoga is an ancient spiritual Yoga is  apractice designed to develop our  full potential on all levels of our  being. On a physical level, yoga  works to increase strength, balance  and flexibility, to reduce stress and  tension in the body and to keep our  nervous, hormonal, digestive and  cardiovascular systems healthy.   We practice physical postures and  link this to breathing in order to still  the random chatter of the mind and  explore our own internal landscape.  Yoga trains the mind to become  quiet and wakeful so that we can  develop greater awareness of our  thoughts and actions and be more  present in the current moment.    Yoga also transforms our energy by  removing the obstructions to  healthy, balanced energy flow: it  clears the subtle body of blockages  created by negative thoughts or  emotions, limiting belief patterns  and traumatic experiences. All these dimensions of yoga create  a greater overall sense of harmony,  inner peace, freedom and  wholeness; thus opening the door to  our deeper Self and purpose.  Ultimately, the practice holds the  potential to take us on a journey  inside to the very essence of our  being and the deepest source of our  existence.
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